PI: Angela Belcher

PhD Student

Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, Stanford University, 2021

Chyna Mays is a Ph.D. student in Biological Engineering at MIT. Chyna is also a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and an Alfred P. Sloan Scholar. Chyna has recently joined Angela Belcher’s lab, and she plans to develop biosensors for difficult to detect chemicals and toxins. She received her Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Stanford University, where she and her teammates designed a needle guide that enables transvaginal delivery of medication to the bladder for the treatment of Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome. Chyna is very passionate about mentoring and supporting STEM education and plans to continue volunteering during her time as a Ph.D. student.


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  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • NASA Office of Planetary Protection and Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Recognition for Outstanding Support & Contribution to Field of Planetary Protection (Summer 2019)