PI: Phillip Isola

PhD Student

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Stanford University, 2019

Joseph Suarez is a PhD student in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. His research focus and main project is multiagent intelligence in the Neural MMO virtual open-world environment of which he is both the creator and main developer. Joseph is an Alfred P. Sloan 2019-2020 Scholar and received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University in 2019. He is passionate about generalizing the capabilities of modern artificial intelligence and hopes to continue bridging the gap between simulated research environments and the real world.


  • ICML2020: Neural MMO: Ingredients for Massively Multiagent Artificial Open Worlds (Joseph Suarez, Phillip Isola)
  • AAMAS 2020: Neural MMO v1.3: A Massively Multiagent Game Environmentfor Training and Evaluating Neural Networks (Joseph Suarez et al.)
  • OpenAI Blog and arXiv 2019: Neural MMO: A massively multiplayer game environment for intelligent agents (Joseph Suarez et al.)
  • arXiv 2019: GAN you do the GAN GAN? (Joseph Suarez)
  • arXiv 2018: DDRprog: A CLEVR Differentiable Dynamic Reasoning Programmer (Joseph Suarez, Justin Johnson, Li Fei-Fei)
  • NIPS 2017: Language Modeling with Recurrent Highway Hypernetworks (Joseph Suarez)
  • arXiv 2017: Efficient Approaches to Batch Parallelization for Dynamic Neural Architectures (Joseph Suarez, Clare Zhu)