PI: Angela Koehler

PhD Student

Bachelor of Arts in Biomedical Engineering, Harvard University, 2016

Mohammed Toure is a PhD student in biological engineering at MIT with a focus on precision cancer medicine and system biology. He joined MIT after a 3-year experience in strategy consulting working with life sciences and biotechnology clients. He’s thus looking to combine a broad set of analytical and strategic tools drawn from experiences in research and consulting to drive the advancement of our understanding of the process by which scientific innovation leads to new therapeutics and medical technologies. His research aims to unlock new knowledge that may lead to improvements in the efficacy/specificity of current therapeutics as well as the identification of novel drug candidates to alleviate the burden of disease using experimental and machine learning approaches. Mohammed received his bachelors from Harvard College in biomedical engineering, cum laude, with a minor in economics. He has been a passionate mentor for students from underrepresented backgrounds, and serves as a board member for a tuition free independent elementary school.


  • MIT Biological Engineering Graduate Board (Academic Chair), October 2019-present
  • The Ron Brown Scholarship Program
    • Scholar, 2012-16
    • Alumni Association Treasurer of Executive Board, Dec 2015-Jan 2018
    • Mentor, present
  • The David Rockefeller International Experience Fellowship, 2014