For five years of graduate study, UCEM Scholars receive a combination of guaranteed departmental financial support. Funding is available from each department to support doctoral students for full tuition, stipend, and health insurance for five years at MIT. The sources of support can include research assistantship appointments provided by your research advisor, teaching assistantship appointments offered by your academic department, and any fellowships that students may be awarded. Sloan Scholars also receive $40,000 in supplemental funding. These additional funds are disbursed over the first five years of study and intended to support the Scholars’ academic progress and enrichment, such as research travel and professional development.

Funding Allocation:

  • Over the five years, $10K of the $40K must be used for professional travel to national and international conferences and laboratories, conference registration costs, and conference lodging, and meals.
  • The remaining $30K can be used for academic development and/or stipend. Allowable expenses include: living/child care expenses, including during the summers, insurance, transportation, computer equipment, supplies and software, books/journals, graduation expenses, dissertation publication costs, direct research costs (i.e., lab supplies and equipment). Any equipment and software purchased remains the scholar’s property and does not belong to the institution.
  • Sloan Scholars are required to submit multi-year spending plans, and an annual expense reports to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which will be pre-approved by the UCEM Leadership Team.