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Biological Engineering

PhD Candidate, (Year)

Curriculum Vitae



San Angelo, Texas

Undergraduate institution

The University of Texas at Dallas

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

Bioengineering is incredibly interesting to study because of how interdisciplinary it is. The systems we study, ranging from single molecule interactions to whole organisms, can be broken into many fields. We may study biology and apply engineering to it, but biology is applied chemistry. Chemistry is applied physics which is applied math. Thus, the field allows for individuals of incredibly various backgrounds to come together in order to solve problems; we all speak the same basic language. That to me is incredibly cool.

Personal research summary

During undergrad, I studied polymer chemistry and materials science with a goal of making materials and medical devices that would eventually go into rats for study of the in vivo interactions. At UT Dallas, I did synthesis and thermomechanical analysis of novel thiol-click polymers for both industrial and biomedical applications. Additionally, I also did microfabrication on novel substrates for flexible electronics such as softening neural probes and self-coiling cochlear implants. Currently, my interests lie in infectious diseases and understanding the interactions of foreign bodies with the immune system to eventually develop techniques or gain insight into how to aid in eradicating and controlling disease.

Personal interests

I love to draw and play video games in my free time. I also love tabletop games and Dungeons and Dragons!


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