PI: Marin Soljacic

PhD Candidate

MS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, 2017

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Rice University, 2014

Josué J. López is a PhD Candidate at MIT in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department under the supervision of Professor Marin Soljačić. He earned a B.S. in Physics from Rice University and a M.S. in EECS from MIT. Josué has co-authored over a dozen publications in the areas of nanomaterials, photonics, and optics. Over the past decade he has conducted research as part of World-class research teams at MIT, Caltech, Northwestern, Rice University and has co-led collaborations with NASA on heads-up display technology. Josué is currently working on chip-scale light detections and ranging (LiDAR) sensors for autonomous machine and vehicle applications. For his technical work he has been recognized as a MIT Presidential Fellow, National Science Foundation GRFP, National GEM Fellow, Sloan Foundation Scholar, and Facebook Fellow in Photonics. One of his life long commitments has been working with national leaders on higher education programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within science and engineering. Josué has worked on these initiatives through multiple leadership roles at MIT including as an advisor to MIT senior administration on the institute-wide DEI strategic plan being launched in 2021. For his service and leadership within the MIT community, Josué has been awarded the 2018 MLK Jr. Leadership Award and the 2020 Mens et Manus Award.


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  • López, J. J. et al. Planar-lens Enabled Beam Steering for Chip-scale LIDAR, In Preparation
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    2016, 7.


  • Activate Entrepreneurial Research Fellow 2020
  • Facebook Fellowship (AR/VR Photonics and Optics) 2019
  • National GEM Consortium Fellowship 2017
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2014
  • MIT Lemelson Presidential Graduate Fellowship 2014