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Mechanical Engineering

PhD Candidate, (Year)

Curriculum Vitae



Kaneohe, Hawaii

Undergraduate institution

Pomona College

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

I became interested in nanomaterials research after doing a summer REU during my undergrad. During this experience, I realized that working in this field is a way to take part in the global effort to address some of the biggest challenges in our society. In particular, I love working with nanomaterials to design new electronic devices that perform better and are more sustainable than existing technologies.

Personal research summary

One area of my research is focused on neuromorphic devices. In this project, I am exploring new materials and device architectures for resistive random access memory (ReRAM). Modeled after neuron synapses, these two-terminal memory devices can potentially replace transistors in future electronics because they can scale much smaller and operate with higher energy efficiency. The other area of my research is focused on wafer-scale growth of 2D semiconductors. These materials exhibit many unique effects that could potentially be utilized in optoelectronics, transistors, and biosensors.

Personal interests



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