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PhD 2019 in Chemical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae


Current Position:



Berlin, Maryland

University of Maryland College Park

I enjoy being able to apply a lot of the fundamentals of chemistry and chemical engineering to very tangible problems. The field of flow chemistry embodies a lot of what I enjoy about chemical engineering: chemical reactions, process optimization, transport phenomena and general engineering problem solving.

My work involves bringing together automation and flow chemistry in a way that makes it much more efficient to either synthesize chemicals or perform mechanistic studies on reactions. Using the microfluidics flow platform we can take advantage of the higher mass and heat transfer rates, ease of automation, process reproducibility and intrinsic safety benefits compared to batch. By incorporating inline analytical tools, reaction conditions can be monitored immediately. This allows for instant feedback that could then be used to optimize reaction conditions or perform online mechanistic studies. My thesis involves building an automated system that could be used to synthesize a broad range of molecules. The second part is then focused using these flow system to perform optimal design of experiments with different analytical tools such as Infrared Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

I enjoy playing soccer and tennis in addition to being a perpetual guitar beginner.


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