Chibueze Amanchukwu, PhD2020-06-11T04:58:39+00:00

2017 PhD in Mechanical Engineering
B.S. Texas A&M University

Curriculum Vitae


Current Position:



Texas A&M University

(interest) Understanding that tackling climate change required newer scientific approaches to support the development of renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind. Performed internship at DuPont working on lithium-sulfur batteries, and loved the impact newer generation of batteries can have on enabling widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies. Furthermore, newer generation batteries are needed for better and longer-lasting electric vehicles. Who doesn’t want a cheaper Tesla Model S?

(research summary) Climate change is the most significant threat facing mankind. Changing our energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources such as solar and wind has dominated current thought. However, the intermittency of solar and wind energy have necessitated development of better energy storage media such as batteries and fuel cells. My work has focused on developing polymer-based electrolytes (ionically conducting media) for solid-state lithium-air batteries; a battery chemistry capable of providing an order of magnitude increase in gravimetric energy density when compared to commercial lithium-ion batteries.

(hobbies) Reading novels/non-fiction, writing short stories, teaching, playing sports.


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