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2018 PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae


Current Position:



Tallahassee, Florida


Since meditation and water are wedded forever, I study fluid dynamics. I would credit my mother for my love of the environment and hands on experimentation and my father for my love of mathematics and mechanical speed. So, I study biofilms and microbial fuel cells: topics that sit in the middle of the energy-water nexus.

I study bacteria that directly produce current as part of their respiration. They do this in biofilms: microporous elastic complexes of sugar and proteins attached to surfaces (electrodes or iron oxides in their native habit). I study how biofilms change structure and metabolism in response to fluid stresses. I also study how these bacteria influence the fluid flow around them. The models and experimental results from this work have potential direct applications in wastewater treatment, microbial induced drag and corrosion, and indirect application to studying infection.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time ideating with my wife, reading, running, talking politics, and cooking.




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